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Shelly Pifer

Keynote Speaker, Author,Coach, Consultant

Shelly travels nationally and internationally speaking at leadership summits, training events, and life enrichment conferences. Many people already know her as "The Catalyst Coach" because she understands that if you help empower people to function in their place, passion, and power you will maximize connections and minimize frustration and relational breakdowns. She is passionate about equipping others to have richer relationships and more productive teamwork creating relational and functional cultures that are healthy and secure. In addition to being a keynote speaker she is also a leadership consultant and Life Coach.

What if...

  • You understood HOW to identify YOUR relational and functional responsibilities.


Did You Know? 

You could identify WHAT and WHERE your responsibilities are in your connections.


It Is Possible...

Understanding YOUR personal power.  Walk in clarity to your relationships.


Become a Safe and Secure Connection

Understanding and implementing your personal power to create safe and secure connections. Learning the power of honesty and transparancy. 




Understanding your own need for mercy, patience

The Door

Understand and make safe opportunities to be kind, honest and truthful.


Make this your own.

Add the content you want.

The Window

Making contact for the purpose of maintaining connection.

The Mop

Learn how to take responsibility for the condition and culture of your connections.

The Buffalo and Wildthings

Discover how to be responsible with the tender and sometimes volatile feelings, thoughts, and emotions.