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Keynote Speaker, Author,Coach, Consultant

Shelly travels nationally and internationally speaking at leadership summits, training events, and life enrichment conferences. Many people already know her as "The Catalyst Coach" because she understands that if you help empower people to function in their place, passion, and power you will maximize connections and minimize frustration and relational breakdowns. She is passionate about equipping others to have richer relationships and more productive teamwork. In addition to being a keynote speaker she is also a leadership consultant and Coach.


Shelly Pifer—Keynote and Interactive Workshops

Confidently Connected and Purposely Productive


Knowing our responsibility and personal empowerment are two of the most important principles we can understand when connecting with others. Without this knowledge,

it is almost impossible to function successfully and build healthy relationships or create trust in the workplace. 


This interactive workshop brings the practical skills necessary to eliminate the confusion, isolate the problems and excuses not only from your team but in your relationships.


Shelly empowers others to understand the weight and importance they contribute to relationships or team. She has a passion for showing others the doable concepts that

effect persuasive communication and connections. She creates a personalized roadmap to bring anyone into a greater understanding, productivity, and success in connecting

to others.  


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Coaching Program 1 — The Pursuit of Your Passion

90 Day Plan to Progress

What if…

  • You could sift it all down and discover your main heart goals and desires? 

  • You received the tools and expertise that could minimize stress and the frustrations that have been blocking you from functioning in your passion?

  • You could identify what it takes to turn passion into goals and give them laser focus? 


A Personalized Approach

Shelly helps you discover and implement the mindsets you need to take the frustrations and excuses out of your goals and turn them into doable dreams. Learn how to debug and shed the slug that causes fear and procrastination—the dream stealers.

90 Day Plan to Progress “The Pursuit of Your Passion” Includes:

  • Weekly face-to-face online connections and bi-weekly phone calls to keep your passions moving forward 

  • Exploration and Discovery of your individual passions

  • Identifying and implementing your most important priorities to reaching your heart goals

  • Empowered process and plan to accomplish your desires in a structured and   timely way 

  • Accountability that believes, empowers and challenges you to reach higher and celebrates your accomplishments 


Everyone needs someone to help us believe in our potential. Like mining for gold or precious gems, sometimes, it requires someone who understands the process that it takes to discover and implement your buried treasures. You don’t have to live frustrated and confused. 

Coaching Program 2 —The Pursuit of Quality Connections 90 Day Plan to Progress

Is it possible to know “what to reach for” in both personal and professional relationships?


Most people do not pursue building the quality relationships they desire. Many times, it is the pain of the past that has created our present mindsets and leave us to believe we can’t or won’t or see real change. 


When we realize our desire for connection, the value of others, our unique contributions, we discover pursuing relationships is worth the investment. With the right mindsets and equipping, we can overcome the fears that block us from pursuing quality connections. 


Just a few new tools can begin to make all the difference!


  • Explore the mindsets that have created the blockages 

  • Sound tools that create the personal growth to sustain quality connections

  • Gain self-awareness and self-management skills  

  • Become approachable and safe—two keys to trust

  • Learn how to bring conflict resolution that builds more trust 

  • Energize home or workplace culture with an “out-to-win” mindset

  • Understand your relational and functional patterns that can make it or break it every time


90 Day Plan to Progress “The Pursuit of Quality Connections” Includes:

  • Weekly face-to-face online connections and bi-weekly phone calls to keep your priorities and intentionality moving forward 

  •  A personalized exploration process 

  • Relationship building tools to equip you to pursue and build the relationships and connections that are important

  • Accountability that believes, empowers and challenges you to reach higher

  • Encouragement that celebrates your accomplishments


Begin to see transformation today with a free15-minute strategy call!


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The Teacup

Understanding the need for mercy, patience and compassion.

The Mop

Learn how to take responsibility for the condition and culture of your connections.

The Window


Making contact for the purpose of being emotional available

Weapon FREE zone

In order to start conflict resolution, discover the important key to begin.

The Door


Understand and make safe opportunities to be kind, honest and truthful.

A home where the buffalo roam

Discover how to be responsible with the tender and sometimes volatile feelings, thoughts, and emotions.

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