About Shelly Pifer

I don't believe in wasting my opportunities.


My life has been an amazing and sometimes strange journey of twists and turns. I believe that is one thing we are all guaranteed—many changes that can sometimes leave us a bit disoriented. Life is meant to be a journey of discovery, learning how we each fit in with our unique parts to play. 


Sometimes those fits and parts are pretty obvious but many times—not so much. It is in those times that we can really learn and get perspective from others who have already journeyed through the similar fog. I have learned that there is something to glean from every season of life—whether fog or clarity.

It is a great joy for me when I am able to transfer the keys, life skills, and revelations that can help others to maximize their lives. 


When I am not traveling, I am home in Bismarck, ND with my husband Chuck, of over 37 years and my grown and married children. I am in my happy place with my six grandchildren—cooking, coloring, and crafting—all at the same time. 

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